Inverawe Country Park

Inverawe Country Park is located about 15 miles east of Oban on the A85. This is where Finn Falconry is based within this stunningly, beautiful forested area of Argyll.

Inverawe Flying Displays

I carry out 2 flying displays a week on Sundaysand Thursdays at 2:30pm, from the 25th March 2018. The birds are in attendance from about 12 noon in preparation for the flying display. We aim to fly at least one species of falcon, hawk, owl and if he's in a good mood, Egor the eagle. The displays last about 40 minutes depending on how many people are present.

Hawk Walks

Fly your own hawk for an hour in the beautiful Nature Trail, within the spectacular woodland of Inverawe. Thrill at the speed the Harris' Hawks can fly through the woods, like a ghost, you only know they're there by hearing their bells as they whizz past. Paul will guide you in the safe handling of the hawks and point on any other interesting wildlife or behaviour.

Falconry Experiences

Usually last for about 3 hours and covers the following:

  1. safety induction;
  2. basic hawk handling; 
  3. introduction to the different birds you will handle;
  4. falconry methods and equipment;
  5. falconers knot;
  6. a hawk walk;
  7. certificated.

This is my most popular product and is a perfect stepping stone leading to a course as you handle and fly all the different types of raptors used in falconry. I will actively discourage you from taking up falconry as its a dedicated life style choice, which is all consuming, requiring not only your full commitment, but your family and friends!